When stakes are high, every decision counts.

§1031 Exchangers have a lot to accomplish in a short amount of time. Mercer’s approach is designed to insulate our clients from stress and manage the workload in a professional, efficient manner in order to optimize the intended outcome of their exchange.

01. Process

To ensure the desired long-term outcome, we create a high-end exchange process for clients. This proactive method results in clearer decision-making and a more impactful replacement strategy.

  • Solving early for ownership restructuring issues
  • Continually evaluating institutional acquisition opportunities
  • Establishing certainty of close on the back-end

02. Access

The highest quality real estate is owned by institutions. And because of our professional network, Mercer is able to custom design access points — providing you with institutional-quality real estate.

  • More flexible & advantageous ownership structures
  • Access to a broader depth of real estate types
  • Ability to leverage the expertise of institutions

03. Strategy

We know the intentions of every ownership group differs vastly. So we overlay a strategic approach to satisfy the needs of the entire group.

  • A custom plan designed to meet the unique needs of each member within an ownership group
  • Identification of the most effective structure, allowing each member to go their separate way while preserving their individual ability to defer tax
  • Current income needs replaced with an entirely passive ownership experience
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Clearing Your Path

Start By Learning What
You Don’t Know

Regardless of your familiarity with real estate and tax, Mercer onboards every client with a base-knowledge and understanding of the §1031 exchange process, value and requirements.

We believe it’s critical to understand all of your options before making a decision. That’s why we take the time to get to know you, collaborate with any tax, legal and financial advisors you may have already, and talk through each opportunity to find a thoughtful path forward.